Want To Become A Culture Expert?

Gain a deeper understanding of culture, Archetypes, and the CultureTalk survey system!

CultureTalk Training. Leading through cultural shift.

The results of a CultureTalk assessment can have a profound impact across many facets of an organization. From establishing and implementing planning initiatives, evaluating organizational structure, considering new products and services, hiring and team building, and brand and communications, a clear understanding of your culture can help in making strong, effective decisions.

Uncovering your culture can be like peeling onions, revealing one layer at a time. Sometimes it takes a guide to help you get where you want to go. The CultureTalk Survey System features two unique opportunities for expanding the culture conversation: CultureTalk Workshops and the CultureTalk Certification.

CultureTalk Workshops

Workshop_tableTo expand on your CultureTalk Survey results, our Culture Guides are ready to lead you through a series of individual courses that can be customized to your unique organizational needs. Each workshop is stand-alone and includes a presentation or workbook materials and group participation and exercises to support learning. The series can be used entirely in succession, or arranged in the order that works best for your organization.

CultureTalk Certification

For those who are ready to go further, the CultureTalk Certification program will provide in-depth training on our survey system and workshop materials and certify you to deliver them to your team or clients. You will also gain access to Allegory’s Culture Coaches to support you along the way.

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