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A simple, yet powerful framework for transforming individuals and organizations.


CultureTalk is more than a stand-alone assessment of how people are wired; it’s a system that helps organizations understand how they interact as a whole.


Culture-shifting. Passion-finding.
Brand-building. Employee-engaging.

The CultureTalk™ Survey System provides a new framework for understanding that fuels personal growth and organizational fulfillment. Using the power inherent in Archetypes, CultureTalk opens doors to a more conscious and positive way of interacting and communicating, helping people realize their greatest potential and organizations carry out their unique missions.

Find meaning in your life and career.

Is your life at a crossroads? Are you working in alignment with your purpose? Do your relationships support your growth? CultureTalk for Individuals helps you identify strengths, shortcomings and strategies for moving your personal and professional life forward.

Solve organizational culture challenges.

Are you facing a merger? Transitioning leadership or redesigning your team? Struggling to recruit, retain and engage top talent? Flexibly designed for large or small groups, CultureTalk for Organizations helps different generations and personalities find their place in the culture conversation.


Meet The
CultureTalk Surveys

The Survey System measures both individual personality and organizational culture based on the same framework of 12 Archetypes providing a unique point of view from which individuals, leaders and teams can build understanding and enhance success.

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What Are Archetypes?

The Archetypes unite the human unconscious across cultures and continents, industries and markets. They come to life in the CultureTalk System as 12 stories, adding structure and definition to your unique cultural profile. Passions, motivations, shadow sides and strengths – are you ready to uncover yours?

Curious about your Archetypes? Get some quick insight with our 10-question  teaser quiz!
  • "You can't tell your story until you figure out who you are, why you exist, and how the culture of your company connects with others. The CultureTalk System gave us the research, the guidance, and the facilitation to uncover the richness we needed."

    Kathleen Fyfe Leadership Saratoga

Behind the Scenes

CultureTalk is the culmination of over 15 years of work at the intersection of culture and communications. Launched in 2015, the survey system and training tools are becoming integral to culture conversations in organizations around the world.

Learn more about our founders, advisors, and the science behind this ground-breaking system.


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