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The CultureTalk Surveys

The CultureTalk Surveys were designed for executives and their teams, marketers, human resource professionals, business owners, and individuals. These online assessments measure organizational culture and individual Archetypal patterns.

Get to Know Yourself

CultureTalk for Individuals is an online personality assessment that includes 72-statements for you to evaluate based on your perceptions and beliefs. We offer several versions of the CultureTalk for Individuals Report. |LEARN MORE

Create a Conscious Company Culture

CultureTalk for Organizations is an online assessment that unlocks the cultural patterns of your organization by assessing collective beliefs and attitudes. We offer several versions of the CultureTalk for Organization Survey based on the number of employees. |LEARN MORE

Our Archetypal profile has become the foundation of everything we do. Frankly, I can’t imagine how we functioned before. The way we communicate, build partnerships, even pick what to put on the top of our newsletter – it’s all become dramatically more authentic.

— TODD SHIMKUS Saratoga County Chamber of Commerce

CultureTalk Certification

Your clients are asking about culture.
Now you have an answer.

Become a leader in the culture conversation. CultureTalk Certification will ground you in an effective, approachable system that allows you to uncover the “unwritten rules of engagement” of any organization. You’ll be able to create clear action plans that support strategic initiatives.

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The CultureTalk Workshop and Development Programs

The CultureTalk workshops can be customized to your group:

  • Leadership Development
  • Team Development
  • Career Development
  • Personal Development

Using the CultureTalk Survey was a super fun process. Our entire team was involved and everybody had some say in it. Learning about our Archetypes was very validating for us — it gave us a way to talk, a way to present ourselves, a way to tell our story.

— MICHELE NICHOLS Founder, Unique Venues