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What is Organizational Culture? Why is it so Important?
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What’s Your Archetype? How Identifying Your Personal Archetype can Make a Difference in Your Life.
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Take Your Brand to the Summit. Stand out through the power of Archetypes.
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Ready for more? Take a mini-course on your Archetypes to validate your results and create a personal action plan for living, working and playing at a deeper level.

Culture Conversations Card Deck
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The Culture Conversations card deck includes 12 Archetype cards and 24 real-life scenarios. Spark new insights as you work to build teams, enhance engagement and work through culture shifts.

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CultureTalk Certification will ground you in an effective, approachable system that allows you to uncover the “unwritten rules of engagement” of any organization.

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Download these beautifully designed, inspirational wallpapers of your primary Archetype to remind you of your strengths.